Photos by Line Halvorsen


Are you normal? 

Is there anybody who's just like everybody else? 

Who gets to decide what's upside down?

In 2011, Små Grå stood on their heads six nights in a row for a packed hall at Rom for Dans in Oslo. "Who is?" was composed and directed by singer, Elvis interpreter and performance artist Lisa Dillan. They performed beautiful chair duets and quirky line dance, sacred choral singing and sugary orange rhythms. 

As always with Små Grå, the audio and visual elements were inseparable; the sound choreographed the dance, and the movements composed the music.

Små Grå also took this production on tour in Norway:

Sortland Videregående

Tromsø kunstforening

Fana Folkehøyskole

Bergen, Chagall

Solbakken folkehøyskole

Toneheim folkeheøyskole