VEMODIG DISCO, "melancholy disco"

In May of 2021, Smaa Graa premiered their latest performance which was also the major performance of their Masters degree The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. The performance is called Vemodig Disco, which can be translated to melancholy disco. Vemodig Disco includes music, text and choreography by Smaa Graa.

What lies hidden beneath our communication? What does that little gesture mean, that thing she just did with her hair? The sounds that we make as listeners? And when does that sound transform from acknowledgement to dismissal, and what nuance do we chose? What unspoken rules exist here in this room that makes what you just said or did just a little bit corny or off? Could it be that we put too much interpretation into this? What does it all mean in the end?

This is part of the inspiration that lies behind Smaa Graa´s newest piece "Vemodig Disco". That is the human language, timing, humor, earnestness and what things we get caught up in and find important. And meaningful.

"Everything that we find important and meaningful will be forgotten (...) It is peculiar to think about the fact that we do not know what in the future will be regarded as important and meaningful, or petty and ridiculous" (Tsjekhov)

As a part of the performance, Smaa Graa also premiered one of three short films made in collaboration with Kim Hiorthøy. Have a look at the film here.