Photo by Kim Hiorthøy



Små Grå's performance on Ultima, Oslo Contemporary festival in 2015. In collaboration with artist and choreographer Kim Hiorthøy.

Music and performance by Små Grå

Production by Små Grå and Kim Hiorthøy

Directed by Kim Hiorthøy

"Kjemi" investigates the intangible and invisible circuits and transformations between humans, happening as we live our lives together. A minimalistic and totally acoustic performance. 

KJEMI tour in Norway, 2015-2017:

Skien, Spriten kunsthall

Nesodden, Kulturisten

Oslo, Sentralen

Hammerfest, Dansefestival Barents

Bærum, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Bergen, Kode

Trondheim, Trondheim Kunstmuseum

An excerpt from "Kjemi" on Oslo Contemporary Music festival Ultima, 2015.